Poem Without a Gazelle

Waiting for the doctor for a room the latest
test results for the iv nurse to finally
thread the catheter into the vein
so the test can start for the valet to find

and bring your car for today’s exam to say
you’re doing alright at least for your age
Waiting isn’t how I planned to spend
these years but then when did my plans
shape what happened except maybe as rowing
against the tide might help a person land
somewhere downstream oh well a gazelle

had been scheduled to show up a few
lines back to fill the drab and empty
waiting room door but Nannette appeared instead
in cheerful printed scrubs to say you were okay
the test went well and you know her voice and face
did give off something of the veldt’s sere grace. 

Leatha Kendrick is the author of three volumes of poetry, including her most recent, Almanac of the Invisible. Her poems and essays have been widely anthologized, and she is a two-time recipient of the Al Smith Fellowship in Poetry from the Kentucky Arts Council and has received fellowships from the Kentucky Foundation for Women. Her MFA in Poetry is from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and she leads workshops at the Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning.

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