6 Apps That Will Change the Way You Write

6 Apps That Will Change the Way You Write

We’ve heard it said enough: “There’s an App” for that — Does it ring true for writers? We think so! Here’s a few of our favorites sure to boost creativity, minimize procrastination, and turn rough drafts into polished manuscripts.

1. Brainstormer

Brainstormer App

In need of inspiration to write your next novel? This interactive app spins three different wheels for ideas, generating creative combination of subject/location, plot/conflict, and setting/style. Manipulate the wheels — or do a random spin — to produce original prompts for writing, designing or any creative project. Edit the wheels: change phrases from the built in lists or create new scenarios from scratch. If writer’s block hits, give the Brainstormer wheel a spin and discover what rolls onto the page.


2. Evernote


This access-from-anywhere note-taking system makes writing, collaborating, and researching ideas simple and convenient. The service syncs with all of your signed devices, helping you to organize writing projects, photos, designs, and more into simple folders. You can collaborate with friends and download articles from the web that inspire your next piece. Bring your creative life into one digital workspace — and be sure you never forget your next genius idea.


3. SelfControl


Facebook and Twitter distracts even the best writers. The SelfControl app blocks access to any website — even your email — to keep you focused on your work. Any amount of time works, but no amount of browser restarts or computer reboots will stop it. However, you can create a list of sites you want to use while in Self Control mode, making this app a great source for a more effective and efficient writing time.


4. Write or Die 

write or die

Another app for productivity, Write or Die motivates but with a twist. You customize the amount of words you wish to write in one sitting — 3,000 words max per session — to prevent burnout. For every milestone reached, the program shows pleasant images or plays soothing sounds. If you fail to reach the milestone, not-so-pleasant images and sounds are displayed. The real motivator for this app is the “Kamikaze Mode”: you will need to keep writing or your work will unwrite itself. That consequence should keep everyone on track.


5. HemingwayApp 


The task of proofing for yourself or others seems daunting. The HemingwayApp simplifies the process, pointing out common pitfalls in your work. After you upload the content, the text is highlighted in various colors: red means hard to read sentences; blue is the use of adverbs; green means passive voice. The perfect starting point for painless editing, this app is next best thing to Ernest Hemingway himself.


6. Story Tracker

story tracker

When you juggle countless stories as a freelancer, mistakes happen. Story Tracker records your submitted novels, articles, poems, and scripts with the date, time, and publication. Not only that, it can also be tagged with sent/response, due/response dates, income earned, and other important details. Save yourself the time — and embarrassment — by getting organized and downloading the app.


Dylan Mullins is a Student Associate at Appalachian Heritage. A senior at Berea College, he is in pursuit of an English (Writing) major and in the summer of 2015 he was an editorial intern with Sierra Magazine in San Francisco. When he's not writing, he's usually biking, film making, or listening to podcasts.

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