Joshua 7:22 in the Ruins

Joshua 7:22 in the Ruins

The whole city was an ambush
the summer before we met
& I was disaster provisions.
I lit fires up and down
Meridian, breaking the law
every time the moon
disappointed me, tried
tunneling home dirt by dew
& then you were salve
and I, a walking wound.
I met you and you stopped
my war with the world you
transformed Indiana
darkness into solitude
o, behold, the smoke of the city
has gone up into the sky
and there is no power
in those ruins anymore. 

Jessica Jewell is the author of three collections of poetry including Slap Leather, Sisi and the Girl from Town, and Dust Runner. She is also an editor of two collections: Speak a Powerful Magic and I Hear the World Sing. Jewell is currently the senior academic program director for the Wick Poetry Center at Kent State University, where she also earned her PhD in higher education administration and an MFA in poetry. Her poetry has appeared in Cider Press Review, American Poetry Journal, and Nimrod among others. Jewell lives in northeast Ohio with her wife and two gorgeous dogs.

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