[Jesus Rides Shotgun]

[Jesus Rides Shotgun]

We go balls to the wall,
                                         windows down,
aviator sunglasses always on.
                                                      I drive like a bat
out of hell, do donuts
on sun-dry highways,
180s on ice-slick parkways. Sometimes
                                                                       when I drift, I think
this is the end.

I used to be afraid. Sometimes
                                                                        I still am. Maybe.

Don’t hit the brakes, Jesus says.
                                                          Turn the wheel. That’s how you know
                                                          the way you want to go.

Savannah Sipple is the author of WWJD & Other Poems (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2019). A writer from east Kentucky, her poems have recently been published in Appalachian Heritage, Talking River, The Offing, and The Louisville Review. She is also the recipient of grants from the Money for Women/Barbara Deming Memorial Fund and the Kentucky Foundation for Women.

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