Winter 2018: Vol. 46, Issue 1


Editor’s Note by Jason Howard


Second Coming by Chelyen Davis
Funeral March by Shaun Turner
When We Are Clay Again by Jolene Barto


Attics by Karen Salyer McElmurray
Dark Spirits by Gail Tyson
Keystone by Jennie Ziegler


A Study of the Infinite by Christie Collins
Myth by Christie Collins
Letters to the Living by Christie Collins
The Tennessee River by Jeremy Michael Reed
For Those of Us Who Are Easily Lost by Jeff Worley
Carnage by James Owens
Black Magic Gun by Shawna Kay Rodenberg
The Proper Order of Things by Shawna Kay Rodenberg
We decide to hang a man and then don’t by Lynnell Major Edwards
Settlers II by Lynnell Major Edwards
Whiskey by Evan Gurney
Weeding by Evan Gurney
Sussex County by Isabella DeSendi
Elision by Isabella DeSendi
Any Tree by Jamie Elliott Keith
On Being Tongue-Tied, and Nothing Else by Lujain Almulla
Ode to Dolly Parton and Crossword Puzzles by Rhonda Lott
How to be a woman in these times by Leah Angstman


Jesse Donaldson by Emily Masters


I’ve Been a Foreign Lander by Dana Wildsmith


The Last Ballad (Cash) by Jessica Cory